Kingdom Prayer Tabernacle

The aim of the ministry is the creation of the one accord platform or stage for all the members of the body of Christ through prayer and training.

The aim is to provide the “platform of togetherness” for the assigned work of the kingdom. Matthew 28:19-20
As our Caller (king Jesus) enables us, we aim to help create the atmosphere of “co workers” between the body of Christ (the church).

Through the power of God we aim to bring into the body of Christ the understanding that “we are one people working for one kingdom by serving one King”.

The aim is to work with the leadership of the Churches in the accomplishing of the duties mandated to us by God.

Our aim is to stand with the leadership sectors of the called body of Jesus Christ in the dispensation of their roles and duties.

We aim to provide the adequate tools required for the various works in the ministries of the kingdom.
This is done through our prayer, teaching and training sessions.

Our aim is to equip the body to gain the required standards and qualities needed to fulfil their calling. We aim to enhance the church and leaders to be effective in their various works.

We aim to give efficiency and productivity to leadership through the principles of God.


All thanks go to GOD who started this good work for the ministry to have a history today.  We bless our LORD JESUS CHRIST who is the author and the finisher of our faith. HE is the history of the ministry. The LORD began the ministry with two people including the leader in a little studio apartment in the suburb of Ilford in Essex, London in 2014. It started as a meeting to discuss the word of GOD, to pray and to encourage each other.

From two people it became four people, then others. The studio flat was too small a space for us as some of us had to sit on the bed because the only chair in the living cum bedroom apartment could accommodate only two people. With this, the LORD moved the work into another home in Chad well Heath also in London. From here the ministry which met every Saturday and still does began to receive more directives from the LORD as to where HE wanted to take the ministry. Every Saturday, believers came together from different churches and ministries to study, share the word of GOD and to pray for the church, nations, and leaders.  The LORD was so gracious to us, the work continued to grow in the home as the LORD kept adding to the ministry. It grew from five people to almost thirty people. So much so that there was no more room to contain the people in the living room.

After one year the LORD asked for the ministry to be moved from the home into a hall in a Church of England building called St John’s Evangelical Church in Seven Kings, London.  During this move, many of the people left the ministry as they claimed, they felt the LORD was not leading them to that direction. Through faith, the rest of the people obeyed GOD and moved according to HIS word.

In here, the LORD continued to bless the ministry as the ministry grew again and bigger. Believers kept coming together to pray, fellowship and study the word of GOD.  Within this season of success came a testing and challenging time for the ministry. During that period many of the people left as some of the people said they felt GOD had called them to start their own meetings. At one point over twenty people left in one day.

In trusting the LORD, leaders of the ministry remained standing in the strength of the LORD as HE sustained the ministry through HIS righteous right hand. By this time there were less than ten people but the LORD was with HIS ministry and the HIS people.

Close to the end of the second year 2016, the LORD asked the ministry to be moved Westfield in London Stratford City to fulfill a word which HE had given to the ministry a year before. Moving to this place felt a big step for everyone as there were only a few people but the LORD was with the ministry and had remained faithful. So by faith, the people heeded to the voice of the LORD and obeyed according to HIS steps and directions.

By the beginning of the year 2017, the LORD had made all the necessary arrangements for the ministry to move to this new place in the Westfield in London Stratford City which is where the ministry is to date. Within a few weeks into this new place, the LORD grew the ministry to almost more than twice of the people who were there before.  GOD has continued to grow and increase the ministry.

The LORD has so much blessed the ministry that within this time, HE has also blessed the ministry with a Women Leadership Academy. Now the ministry has an academy (leadership training school) which is set up to train and equip women for leadership called Phoebe Women’s Academy.

GOD is faithful. JESUS is LORD and KING.